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Department of Chinese Language

Department of Chinese Language

Undergraduate Major Introduction


Ⅰ. Cultivation Objective

This major cultivates specialized talents who can communicate and work proficiently in Chinese. It is aimed at foreign students or overseas Chinese students whose native language is non-Chinese, who have a high school diploma and hold a foreign passport. In the first and second years, students take basic disciplinary courses of this major, which mainly include Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, Chinese vocabulary and grammar, etc. In the third year, students can select specialized courses, including Chinese language and culture, business Chinese and international trade, Chinese-foreign translation, academic writing, etc. In the second semester of the fourth year, students should undertake internships and complete undergraduate dissertation writing. After finishing their studies, students will be equipped with relatively systematic knowledge of the Chinese language, high Chinese communicative ability, and comprehensive humanistic qualities. According to different professional directions, students can engage in international Chinese education, China-related international trade and Sino-foreign cultural exchanges, and have sufficient Chinese proficiency to continue further studies.


Ⅱ. Cultivation Requirements

Students should not only master the basic theories and knowledge of Chinese linguistics, but also develop Chinese application ability and cross-cultural communication ability, and be able to correctly, fluently and appropriately communicate in Chinese. In addition, students should understand Chinese culture and China’s national conditions, and have the ability to engage in Sino-foreign cultural exchanges. What’s more, students are required to master the general methods of retrieving and organizing Chinese materials, conducting monographic study and social investigation in Chinese, and to be able to carry out monographic study related to Chinese language and culture under the guidance of their supervisors. Students also should master the basic theories and knowledge of international trade and have the basic ability to engage in China-related business activities.

After graduation, students can be engaged in Chinese teaching in various teaching units in their country, or work in translation, trade, management, and secretarial work in multinational companies, Chinese and foreign enterprises, and government agencies. Some outstanding graduates can apply for postgraduate studies in international Chinese teaching, linguistics and applied linguistics, Chinese philology, journalism and communication, and international relations.


Ⅲ. Length of schooling, Total Credits and Degree

Length of schooling: Four years

Total credits: 150

Degree: Bachelor of arts

Ⅳ. Course Structure and Main Courses

Course   Modules


Main Courses

General   courses

24 credits

Advanced   Chinese reading and writing, Overview of China,   Advanced Chinese writing, HSK level 6 listening, HSK level 6 reading, etc.

Disciplinary   platform courses

58   credits

Chinese   phonetics, Comprehensive intermediate Chinese,   Intermediate spoken Chinese, Comprehensive advanced Chinese, Advanced spoken Chinese,   etc.

Core courses

24 credits

Practical   modern Chinese grammar, Intermediate Chinese writing, Public   speech and debating, Analysis of grammatical biased errors, Journalistic   Chinese, Academic writing, etc.

Elective courses

No less than   36 credits

Chinese   characters and Chinese culture, Chinese computer software application, Newspaper   and periodical reading, Chinese-foreign translation, Intermediate business   Chinese, Advanced business Chinese, Business Chinese practical reading and   writing, International trade practice, Human resource management, Chinese   history, Ancient Chinese literature, Ancient Chinese, Linguistic theory and   application, Selected readings of ancient Chinese poems, etc.

Internship   and undergraduate dissertation

8 credits


Ⅴ. Department Directors and E-mail Address

Director: Xu Changhuo, Associate Professor

E-mail: xuchanghuo@nju.edu.cn

Deputy director: Ao Xuegang, Associate Professor

E-mail: aoxuegang@nju.edu.cn