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Department of International Chinese Education

Department of International Chinese Education

The International Chinese Education Department trains teachers of Chinese as a second/foreign language. The department runs a 4-year undergraduate program since 2005 and a 3-year MA program since 2006. Both undergraduate and graduate programs enroll Chinese and international students.

The department takes as its mission to train top-class CSL teachers with an international outlook, putting emphasis on the teaching of fundamental knowledge and the training of practical skills in an internationalized classroom setting.

Career opportunities for students include teaching in educational institutions in related fields, as well as working in government agencies, business companies and joint ventures as to facilitate language and culture exchange. 

Students may participate in projects as Chinese language volunteers, pursue further studies at the graduate level, join overseas Confucius Institutes and other international Chinese language programs, or continue their education for a doctoral degree while engaging in teaching and research in the field of international Chinese education.


ZHANG Quanzhen, Ph. D, Associate Professor (Email: zhqzhen@nju.edu.cn)

Deputy Director: 

HAN Liang, Ph. D, Associate Professor (Email: hanliang@nju.edu.cn)

Secretary:Ms LI  025-83598996