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Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

The Department of TCSOL is affiliated with the Institute for International Students at Nanjing University, mainly engaged in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in TCSOL. The Bachelor's program in TCSOL was established in 2005 and has a four-year study plan. In 2006, a two-year pilot program for the Master's degree in TCSOL was launched. Both programs accept students from both local and international backgrounds.

The TCSOL Department upholds the principles of elite education, with a focus on the internationalization of education, and places great emphasis on the integration of fundamental knowledge and practical skills. Currently, we excel in the academic research, teaching quality, and student achievement, setting a benchmark for excellence in the country.

Student employment orientation:

-       Opportunities to work as TCSOL Teacher domestically and Internationally

-       Engaged in secretarial work, external publicity, cultural exchange programs in government department and agencies, foreign affairs office and organization, and joint venture with foreign companies;

-       Participate in the Volunteer Chinese Teacher Program organized by CLEC (Center for Language Education and Cooperation);

-       During the Master's degree, individuals may partake in various international Chinese language programs, including those offered by overseas Confucius Institutes;

-       Advance in Doctorate, and engage in teaching or academic research in a college or university.


Director:ZHANG Quanzhen

Email: zhqzhen@nju.edu.cn

Deputy director: CHEN Zhihong

Email: chzh@nju.edu.cn

Undergraduate Administration: 025-83598996

Postgraduate Administration: 025-83594613