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Other Costs

Other Costs


Xianlin Campus: International Students Apartment Building (Building 21), 3000 RMB per semester (one bed in double room).

Gulou Campus: Xiyuan International Student Building, 52 RMB per day (one bed in double room) ,67 RMB per day(single room).

Deposit for Campus Rooms: 600 RMB for room facilities.

Off-campus: leasing or rental expenses vary in accordance with locations and apartment types, normally between 2500 to 5000 RMB per month.


Insurance Fee

400 RMB per semester

800 RMB per academic year


Other Costs

Physical examination fees or service fees if required to conduct physical examination or to confirm physical examination records, payable to Nanjing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Visa or Residence Permit Fees when applying for various visas or residence documents, payable to Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Library deposits of 300 RMB for non-degree students to borrow books from Nanjing University Library or Library of the Institute for International Students. The deposits will be returned to the students when they complete their study at NJU.

Campus Card Fee of 20 RMB if needed.

University Facility Fees at student rates when using the University’s tennis courts, ping pong rooms, gyms or swimming-pools.

Personal expenses such as dining, medical care, textbooks, holiday tours and extra-curriculum experiments, interns or visits.