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Short-term Sessions

Short-term Language Training

Basic Information

NJU’s short-term language training programmes provide Chinese language and cultural courses. The crash courses feature experienced language teachers and intensive training in Chinese listening, oral Chinese, Chinese reading and writing. Such short-term programmes are exclusive to the groups organised by the overseas educational institutes that have cooperation agreements with Nanjing University, i.e., the programmes are unavailable for individual applicants.


Study Duration

The programmes’ time length and syllabus can be adjusted according to the various needs of NJU’s partners. Normally, a programme can last for 2 to 12 weeks.


Language Courses

Intensive Reading/Chinese Listening/Oral Chinese/Chinese Reading…


Cultural Courses

Chinese Calligraphy/Chinese Painting/Tai Chi/Ancient Chinese History/Modern History of China/Chinese Philosophy/Contemporary Economy of China/Chinese Poetry/Ancient Chinese/Foreign Policy of Contemporary China…


Cultural Activities

Tours of the historical and cultural sites in Nanjing and neighbouring areas can be arranged. Extra fees will be charged.


Language Practice

Exchanges with Chinese students and teaching observation & practice can be organised.


Contact Information

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