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Doctorate Programs

Doctoral Programs


1. Applicants should be healthy non-Chinese citizens under the age of 40. 

2. Applicants must have obtained their master's degrees. (For the graduates to obtain their degrees in 2024, they should submit a pre-graduation certificate to guarantee that they have the competence to complete their study and acquire the degree by July of 2024.)  

3. Language requirements:  

Admission requirement: 

Natural sciences, engineering & medicine: HSK level 4; 

Liberal arts, social sciences & business: HSK level 5. 

Graduation requirement

Natural sciences, engineering & medicine: HSK level 5; 

Liberal arts, social sciences & business:  HSK level 6. 


Application Duration: 

March 1 to May 20 

Application and Enrollment Steps:  

1. Log in and apply at the online application system: https://nju.17gz.org/. The following documents will need to be uploaded.  

(1) Physical Examination Record for Foreigners; (南京大学外国人体格检查记录.doc, valid for 6 months)    

(2) Master's degree certificate (this year's graduates can first provide the expected graduation certificate);  

(3) Transcript obtained in the whole master's program;  

(4) Two letters of recommendation from at least associate professors in your academic area of study;  

(5) HSK certificate (applicants from Malaysia, Singapore and other countries that use Chinese as the education language can submit their high school diplomas as a replacement for the HSK test result) ; 

(6) Personal statement (个人陈述模板 Template of Personal Statement);  

(7) Abstract of your master's dissertation;

(8) First page of your passport;

(9) The foreign citizens of Chinese origin need to provide certain identity documents. Specific requirements can be found in 华裔学生身份证明材料清单.

(10) Those who apply to the School of Architecture and Urban Planning need to submit a portfolio of relevant works.

* If one of the original documents is neither written in Chinese nor in English, please also submit a notarized Chinese or English translation.

*  The applicants are responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the submitted information and documents. If any dishonesty or falsification was found, the application would be invalid. 


2.  After submitting the online application, you will receive feedback on our initial review within 3 workdays; if you received notices for resubmission, please re-upload the documents as required by the application deadline.


3. The applications that have passed the initial review will be transferred to the relevant schools/departments for further assessment in batches from April to May, during which a few schools/departments may arrange online written tests, interviews, etc. Therefore, please pay attention to the system messages and emails at that time.

4. Nanjing University will normally inform the applicants of the admission result via system message and email in batches from May to June, and send the scanned copy of NJU's Admission Notice to the new students promptly. Besides, the university will email the new students about how to download the digital version of the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 Form), after which the students can download the JW202 Form by themselves.


5. Those admitted need to go to a Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for an X (study) visa with the received Admission Notice and JW202 form.  


6. The admitted students should come to the Institute for International Students with the Admission Notice, the Physical Examination Form, and the JW202 form for registration, on the registration days noted on the Admission Notice. Those unable to register within those dates will need to submit a request for leave in advance. 


7. When coming to NJU to register, the new students will be required to bring the original highest diploma for the qualification review. If the original copy is neither written in Chinese nor in English, a notarized Chinese or English translation will need to be submitted. Those who didn't pass the review wouldn't be permitted to register eventually.

Students who have obtained the student status of Nanjing University may not pursue degrees at other higher institutions at the same time (except those under the dual-degree programs Nanjing University has developed with partner universities). If such a circumstance is found, the student will be expelled from Nanjing University.

Registration Time : 

In autumn (the specific dates will be printed on the Admission Notice) 

Study Duration: 

4 years


Online Application Fee: RMB 600 (nonrefundable) 

Tuition: Please turn to https://cms.nju.edu.cn/hwxy/lxnd/xygl/xxfy/xf/index.html for detailed information.

Insurance Fee: RMB 400/semester

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Zhong Qiaorui

Institute for International Students

Nanjing University

RM. 514 Zeng Xianzi Building,

18 Jinyin Street, Nanjing 210008, China

Tel: 0086-25-83594535

Fax: 0086-25-83316747

E-mail: zqr@nju.edu.cn

Attention: Above are the application requirements for the self-sponsored students; if you'd like to apply for a scholarship program, please turn to https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/jxj/zgzfjxj/index.html for the application instructions. 

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