Application and Enrollment Steps:  


 1. Apply at the online application system:


 2. After successfully applying online and uploading required documents, please post the materials below to the Institute for International Students, Nanjing University (210093, 514 Zeng Xianzi Building, No. 18 Jinyin Street, Nanjing China) in one week and inform us by email. 


 (1) Printed version of the Application Form for Foreign Scholars and Students (automatically produced when the online application is completed),signed by the applicant; 


 (2) Photocopy of the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners;(南京大学外国人体格检查记录.doc


 (3) Photocopy of the master's degree certificate or education level certificate (this year’s graduates can first provide the original version of the expected graduation certificate), which should be the Chinese or English version provided by the university or the notarised photocopy in Chinese or English; 


 (4) Transcript during the postgraduate period,which should be the Chinese or English version provided by the university or the notarised photocopy in Chinese or English; 


 (5) Two letters of recommendation from professors in your academic area of study; 


 (6) Photocopy of the HSK certificate (applicants interested in the liberal arts or business schools must demonstrate proficiency of at least New HSK level 5; applicants interested in the science departments must demonstrate proficiency of at least New HSK level 4. *Applicants from Malaysia, Singapore and other countries which use Chinese as the education language need not demonstrate their HSK proficiency) or the photocopy of the IELTS or TOEFL certificate (IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 90 are required in the applications for the English-taught programs);  

 (7) Abstract of your master-program's graduation dissertation (in Chinese or English);

 (8) Photocopy of the first page of your passport.


 ※ All the documents will not be returned. 

 ※ We suggest you use DHL, FedEx or UPS to post your application materials from abroad, and SF EXPRESS ( 顺丰速运), if you are sending them in China. If you chose any other express companies, including EMS, there would be a very high possibility that your documents couldn’t be received.   


 3. Nanjing University will select the excellent students based on the applicants’ materials and each year’s available majors, and will usually post the Admission Notice and the Visa Application for Study in China (JW 202 form)before the end of June. 


 4. Those admitted need to go to a Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for an X (study) visa with the received Admission Notice and JW202 form. 


 5. The admitted students should come to the Institute for International Student with the Admission Notice,the Physical Examination Form(effective within 6 months) and the JW202 form for registration, in accordance with the registration date noted on the Admission Notice. Those unable to arrive within those dates will need to hand in a request for leave in advance. 


 Application Period : March 1 to May 20 


 Registration Time : 

 In autumn (the specific dates will be in printed on the Admission Notice) 

Study Duration: 4 years


 Tuition  (per academic year) 

 Liberal Arts: RMB 30,000

 Science and Business Schools: RMB 35,000 

 Medicine: RMB 54,000


 Online Application Fee : RMB 600


 For further information, please contact:

 Ms. Zhong Qiaorui

 Institute for International Students

 Nanjing University

 RM. 514 Zeng Xianzi Building,

 18 Jinyin Street,Nanjing 210093, China

 Tel: 0086-25-83593586

 Fax: 0086-25-83316747


Attention: Above are the application requirements for the self-sponsored students; if you'd like to apply for a scholarship programme, please turn to   to check the application requirements. 

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