For application requirements in 2021, please refer to Chinese version

Program Duration

4 years

Application Period  

March 1 to May 30  

Candidate Qualifications  

General: 18 years of age or above, in good health with valid passport, and an educational background of completed high school or above;

Chinese Proficiency Level: new HSK5 or above for liberal arts and business programs; new HSK5 or above for science programs and the program of Chinese Language;

English Proficiency Level for English major applicants: IELTS test score 5.5 or above / TOEFL test score 70 or above.  (Nanjing University TOEFL Institution Code Number :C288) 

Application Process  

Apply online at first, and then mail all the following documents to the Institute for International Students of Nanjing University at requested time.

1.Application Form for International Students of Nanjing University (generated automatically during online application, filled in Chinese or English and signed by the applicant);  

2.Copy of high school graduation certificate, or original verification of expected graduation for applicants who are yet to graduate;  

3.Original or notarized copy of the full high school score report;  

4.Copy of HSK certificate (not required for applicants who have received 12-year Chinese education in Malaysia and Singapore), or printed HSK score webpage (original certificate to be checked at registration);  

5.One passport copy and 2 photos of passport standard;  

6.Other skill or knowledge certificates (if applicable).  


Documents neither in Chinese nor in English need notarization or supplementary translated versions from the issuing institution. All the documents above will not be returned.

Two more documents shall be submitted for applicants of the program of Architecture:

Personal Statement (reasons for choosing architecture, etc.);  

Documents of professional skills or knowledge or architecture works.  

Application Tips

Each applicant can apply for 2-3 programs. For the program of Chinese Language, students are allowed to be admitted in the middle of the course according to their Chinese proficiency levels.  

Enrollment Steps  

1.Nanjing University mails Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW 202 form) to successful applicants from between May to June, and notifies those unsuccessful through fax or e-mail by the end of June.  

2.Admitted students apply for the X visa (student visa) at the Chinese embassies or consulates general.  

3.Admitted students register at the Institute for International Students of Nanjing University at requested time with Admission Notice,JW202 Form, and the original copy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner(valid for only 6 months and required when applying for Residence Permit after entering China, so please make proper arrangements concerning the timing of the physical examination)  

Registration Date  

School year in Nanjing University starts in September. Please check the Admission Notice for specific registration dates.  

Costs (in RMB)


¥21,000 per academic year for liberal arts programs;

¥24,000 per academic year for science and business programs;

¥32,000 per academic year for programs of the Software Institute;

¥42,000 per academic year for programs of the Medical School. Paid after the enrollment.

Online Application Fee:¥500

Insurance Fee:¥400 per semester


Student Dormitory Building 21, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing University  


Institute for International Students, Nanjing University  

Add:514 Room  Zeng Xianzi Building, 18 Jinyin Street, Nanjing 210093, China  

Tel: +86-25-83593586  

Fax: +86-25-83316747  



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Undergraduate Programs of Nanjing University for International Students


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Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Institute for International Students

Chinese Language

Literature of Theatre, Film & Television

School of Liberal Arts

Chinese Language and Literature


School of History


Cultural Relics Identification & Restoration


Department of Philosophy                    (Dept. of Religious Studies)


Law School

 General Administration

School of Government

 Labor & Social Security

 Political Science and Public Administration

 International Politics


School of Journalism                  & Communication


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 Financial Engineering

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 Applied Chemistry

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 Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering

Groundwater Science & Engineering

Geographic Information Science

School of Geographic                   & Oceanographic Sciences


Natural Geography & Resource

 Tourism Management

Marine Science

 Atmospheric Science

School of Atmospheric Sciences

 Applied Meteorology

Electronic Information Science & Technology

School of Electronic Science              & Engineering

Telecommunications Engineering


Computer Science & Technology

Department of Computer Science      and Technology

Material Physics

College of Engineering                & Applied Sciences

Material Chemistry

Biomedical Engineering

 Environmental Engineering

School of the Environment

 Environmental Planning & Management

 Environmental Chemistry

 Environmental Biology


School of Astronomy                  & Space Science

 Space Science & Technology

 Clinical Medicine

Medical School

 Oral Medicine

Basic Medical Sciences

Software Engineering

Software Institute

 Financial Engineering

School of Management                & Engineering

 Industrial Engineering


 Urban Planning

School of Architecture                 & Urban Planning


Science Intensive Training Program (mathematics, computer, astronomy, physics, biophysics, chemistry, biology & biochemistry

Kuang Yaming Honors School

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