085300 Master's Program in Urban Planning (Professional Degree)


I. Introduction

This program is aimed at cultivating high-level professionals in landscape planning and design and in urban and regional planning. It draws on the advantages of Nanjing University as a comprehensive university and carries out interdisciplinary research and teaching on urban and regional planning, which covers such fields as regional development and planning, urban-rural planning and design, planning technology and smart city, and urban planning management. After completing all the course work and succeeding in thesis defense, students will receive a Master’s Degree of Urban Planning.

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning in NJU has a highly qualified faculty of 65 full-time members, among whom there are 19 professors and 19 associate professors. An outstanding characteristic of this program is its internationalization as all in the teaching team have educational backgrounds of world-renowned universities and have rich research and practical experiences.


II. Objectives of the Program

1. General Objective

The program is designed to cultivate high-level talents of urban planning and design and territorial planning with a broad academic foundation, high adaptability and ability for innovation. It enables students to master theories of architecture and urban planning and construction, learn about the Chinese experience and work towards sustainable development of human settlement.

2. Research Areas

(1)    Regional Development and Planning

This specialty covers regional development policy and strategy, regional planning and urbanization, housing and community planning, rural revitalization, and cultural geography.

(2)    Urban-Rural Planning and Design

This specialty covers urban-rural planning and design, theories of urban-rural planning, urban design, historical planning, rural planning and design, and landscape planning.

(3)    Planning Techniques and Smart City

(4)    Urban-Rural Planning Management

This specialty covers urban-rural security and disaster prevention, urban-rural governance and policy research, and historical and cultural city protection.


. Requirements

1. Admission

(1) Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens in good health.

(2) Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in architecture, urban planning, sociology, geography, management or other related fields.

(3) Applicants whose native language is not English should submit TOFEL or IETLS scores (minimal requirement: TOEFL 85; IELTS 6.0).

(4)Applicants should be willing to learn Chinese and reach Level 3 of Chinese Language Proficiency Scales For Speakers of Other Language(Elementary Chinese) before graduation.

2. Medium of Instruction: English.

3. Study Duration: 2 years.


IV.Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition: RMB 35,000 (about $5,000) per academic year

Scholarships: If you would like to apply for the international student’s scholarship, please contact the Institute for International Students.



. Core Curriculum

General Courses:Overview of China

Chinese Language


1. Progress in Architecture and Urban Planning

2. Architectural Theory Research

3. Urban Design

4. Urban and Regional Development Planning


VI. Application Method

Please turn to https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/_t486/6140/list.htm for the detailed application instructions.

VII. Contact Information

School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Contact Person: Xu Zhining

Tel: 86-25-83593020

Email: xzn@nju.edu.cn

Website: https://arch.nju.edu.cn


Institute for International Students

Contact Person: Lu Yishuo

Tel: 86-25-83593586

Email: luyishuo@nju.edu.cn

地址(add):南京市金银街18号 邮编:210093/18
传真(fax):86-25-83316747 Email:issd@nju.edu.cn