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TCSL Online Education and Resource Development Center,IFIS,NJU

The TCSL Online Education and Resource Development Center of the Institute for International Students, Nanjing University was established in 2020 to serve the daily teaching of international students at Nanjing University, to provide technical training for teachers of online teaching, and to build a multimodal resource base for international Chinese online teaching. The Center aims to ensure the teaching quality and improve the teaching level of international students' e-learning, promote the integration of new Internet technologies, concepts and mechanisms in international Chinese teaching, expand the application scope of international Chinese distance education, and serve the international development of Nanjing University.

The e-learning center established the professional studio for course recording and online teaching materials, which provides a platform to support the construction and exchange of international course recording and teaching materials, and conducts regular research and data analysis related to international Chinese language teaching.

After the outbreak of the global pandemic, the Center promptly organized online teaching technology training for teachers to help them solve technical problems. In the post-pandemic era, the Center will guide teachers to actively implement new technology practices of international Chinese teaching, explore the psychological model of differentiated teaching and learning in the web ecology, and explore the new development direction and integration mechanism of international Chinese distance learning in the era of 5G, cloud technology and AI scenario application.